The first swell of the Hawaiian season lights up Oahu

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| posted on September 13, 2013
  • Dick’s Sand Bar

    not the 1st time you guys have a great set of photos but theyre let down by captions that repeat or dont match the pics….surfer is this historic document with an all time pedigree but whoever is running the website is seriously dropping the ball

    • swearengen

      I’ve noticed the caption issue, too. Ever since they did the website re-design. Get your sh-t together, Surfer web guys.

  • clowns

    yea kooks zak one-shot-wonder noyle and zeke blowing up spots they shouldn’t be around…watch your back little guy

    • BornStoked

      Hey tough guy, kooks don’t get paid to surf and take pictures, kooks leave comments like yours. Hawaii would be even more broken and bent over backwards today without guys like this bringing in revenue and notoriety. Was that last swell too crowded for you with a dozen guys scratching for waves? We all own the ocean. Don’t hate on someone for being successful.