In Season

Northern California revels in weeks of solid winter swell

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| posted on January 09, 2014
  • Fred

    I hate ocean beach.

  • sonny p

    to those that laughed at ripcurl for putting a search event at OB. are you still laughing?

  • waterlogged

    Thats clay crandal^

  • Rodrigo Nascimento

    26 lines out the back

  • Paul Roberts

    Serious low tide in that one!

  • Vince Mokaloka

    No surf here. F**k off!!!!

  • james

    Congrats on captions that make a lick of sense and aren’t repetitious. (See Surfline for comparison.) Jeez those guys charge. How one ever gets out the back I don’t know.

  • Peter

    When OB is pumping like this it is so hard to get out. The wave is a solid and powerful. Once out though it throws really far and just peels off wave after wave. This shows how good it can be but most of the time it’s not this perfect. It’s always a tough paddle.