New York Finals

A peaking swell meets perfect conditions for the last day of competition

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| posted on September 09, 2011
  • Carioca

    Awesome waves. Spot on, Spot on!

  • mikeykrack

    long beach locals thanksyou all for coming we were happy to have you…now like the old saying goes you ain’t got to go home but you can’t stay here…..

  • Justice Ranger

    Good form dictates that if you’re gonna quote a tweet, credit the tweeter.

  • John Smith

    Please post a photo and video of Slater’s 10. Thanks.

  • B.Snyder

    (Snowboard company): First we’ll buy the biggest surfboard company in the world. . Then we’ll open our own glass-shop. Then we’ll learn how to glass a surfboard. Then we’ll watch our surfboard break in the finals of the worlds highest prize-money surf contest. Wow, maybe we should stick to snowboards. It looked so easy…

  • Jim Whitney

    Great coverage Grant!! The crowd shot with the left breaking in the distance is so epic!

  • NY fo life

    too bad I was there watching it live…
    the rest of you can get over your selves making comments.

  • Brendon Thomas

    @Justice Ranger: My apologies I had every intention of crediting the tweeter it was @DemonScreams

  • Peter

    Awesome event Quiksilver!It was sick to see the WCT live at my local break.

  • gg

    it was one of the best events of the year… after cho pu and portugal…. sooooo glad all the naysayers got it in their face……