Brigid Hits Nazaré

The North Atlantic super storm hammers the coast in Portugal

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| posted on February 03, 2014
  • Randon Marlo


  • Probe-104a

    That white water looked like it was 50′ high, talk about a washing machine…

  • Soulesurfer

    Ya but by Lairds standards he didn’t complete the ride so it didn’t count! Lol! Sick One!

  • Soulesurfer


  • Panpan

    In my opinion, their boards are clearly too light and too short for such conditions. You can tell by the way GMAC’s board is bumping and how Cotton’s doesn’t have enough inertia and contact with the water. Not sure what you guys think?

    • Ben Spirax

      This happens even more with bigger boards. The board materials have to be much denser and heavier to sit in the water whilst going at huge speeds.

    • Max

      Some believe one of the few ways to ride these conditions is on a hydrofoil towboard as you ride above the chop – Laird created and refined these. If you check the video you can see how smooth it rides

  • Jason

    Massiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiive!! Laird Hamilton is Full of “big waving”, and no doubt he is a great big wave surfer, still, I would like to see him surf one of this waves till the end of it…this is not jaws or other big wave spot, this is Nazaré…

  • Bohdi Utah

    Laird or anybody else that claims this place is not a “real” big wave spot is either scared of it or better yet making lame excuses to not have to go there and shows us how is done. In the meantime I would like to give mad props to the men and women that do have the guts and big commitment to achieve these amazing feats. Well done folks!!


      laird should nut up or shut up