My Dad Rips

Celebrating Father's Day with shots of your dads ripping

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| posted on June 17, 2012
  • Steve Z

    Very cool! This will be my only time being in anything along with Parko, Occy, Dorian, and C.J. Glad to see Sean Mattison made it on here too…he rips!

    The most important thing is I want to thank my son. I hope to get a shot one day just like the Chad and Tristan Hauser photo. Paddling out with my son. That is what being a father is all about.

    Happy Fathers Day!

  • Brendon Jordan

    Happy Fathers Day and thanks for all the rides to the beach to all the rippin Dads!

  • john

    Love the shot of Parko…

  • dave Amundsen

    Actually Pontos 1981

  • Dan phelps

    yeah photo #20 of 47. 8th st, style on a maldives bomb. looking sharp.

  • BVB

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    – Bad Vibe Bob.

  • stu

    am I to believe CJ and Parko’s kids actually submitted pics here?


    This blog was… how do you say it? Relevant!
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