The Irish Monster

Mullaghmore roars to life in Ireland

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| posted on November 06, 2013
  • Airdrop76

    @1.39 Holy F*ck!!

  • stormcatcher

    What a picture !

  • scsurf

    looks like a cross between mavs and teahupoo

  • larkstan

    that’s some nasty shit there. the music is perfect

  • seahag

    Will Skudin sure gets around!

  • Dickhaloren

    I would paddle that with a 5’2″ fish I hand shaped, no leash. Also, I would wear a springsuit.

    • james

      Nice! Call me up!

    • otaycec

      I’d skip the wetsuit.

    • Cowicide

      I would surf it in the nude whilst standing on my own erect penis as a surfboard.

  • Pavlo

    Like Teahupo’o only freezing cold. What’s not to like?

  • Mike De Jianne

    2:45 is the shit. he almost hit his friend.

  • chez

    Dick haloren……..Yeah good one………Dick

  • Cosan


  • Minnesurfer

    It definitely looks like a Mavapoo!

  • Dave

    Sick video!

  • Ian Mactavish

    i would paddle in on a skimboard that i purchased at walmart nude

  • ffukbutt

    I paddle in on a inflated used condom

  • Dan

    I would paddle in on my bare chest, and use the large surface area of my huge feet 😉 (you know what they say) to surf this wave on. Also, I would tow the jetski onto this wave, so that they may enjoy it also.