A picture can tell a thousand lies

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| posted on March 18, 2012
  • AdiR

    Thank you for reassuring me, it’s not JUST me that strikes out on a regular basis then? Why did I not take up snooker or golf ffs. 😉

  • kado

    where can i get a high res copy of this photo??

  • Emilio Frech

    Congratulations for this Website! It’s great!!

  • Fairmont

    I know skunked. I was born and raised at one of the most inconsistent junk spots in San Diego. We had a surf spot within walking distance of one of California’s most crowded waves, and yet our spot never got crowded. It was crap nine out of ten times, but about once every two weeks it would be epic, and only a handful of neighborhood guys.

    Now I live in the state of Georgia, a place where the biggest wave I’ve seen since 1993 was head high. A few hours north it gets big, and even down in North Florida it can get good, but not here. The flattest surf in the Atlantic Ocean. But it’s pretty.

    I have been skunked many times after a six, seven, or eight hour drive. But I’ve also scored warm water dream waves with two or three others.

    I once surfed head high, wide open barrels on Kauai with only my brother, and once longboarded a wave from outside Pops in Waikiki right through the deep water until I stepped onto the sand.

    I love this “sport”. I’ll be a surfer for life.

  • whamo

    That peeling left looks like that old Laguna trailer park on the beach that got turned into a state park. I saw a video of a young Riviera local ripping that place up on the net a couple of years ago.

  • Snooki


  • Sammy

    Someone likes to over contrast and saturate the RAW file…

    Kids these days and their little digital cameras are so enjoyable to the reader.

  • Mark

    Where can I get a copy of this photo? I see others have posted the same question but I am hoping to hear something back. Any info., the photographers name, the distributor of the photo. Anything would be greatly appreciated. Thank you

  • G-land Surf

    This beautiful waves as the perfect Web site, south of Byron Bay turned out, the waves are very good

  • That guy

    Could someone teach Maassen some photoshop skills. His pics have way to much contrast. I expect better from surfer. I guess Todd and Burkard could show him a thing or two.