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Shea Lopez breaks down the top 13 World Tour surfers

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| posted on September 03, 2012
  • wyatt

    So, according to tour insider Shea Lopez, all of these guys surf great and have the potential to win it all. Stunning insight and a heady read.

    Lewis Samuels where art thou? Ice down your bruised face and rise again.

  • Fernando

    I think JJF has real chances to be the champion this year, if he survives Trestles.

  • David

    What exactly did Shea “break down”??? This was so shallow and dumb.

    Where’s Derek Hynd when you need him?

  • Rob

    Great adriano’s photo… LOL

  • uatemsomdeu

    Hi all,

    I just want to say to Surfer, that you have to do better coverage of contests. That Tahiti contest was as good as it gets. I was expecting Shea’s account of the contest.
    Maybe you get a lot of people complaining about contests and asking for more surf trips.
    Well, to me nothing compares to the drama of competition and people pushing each others limits, with money, glory and careers on the line.


  • http://surfer Kimbo

    propbably not one of Sheas best . why dont we get some feedback from a surf journalist from a country that is relevant to pro surfing . mainland USA aint the epi centre nor does it provide any contenders .

  • tom

    By takin adriano’s photo we can realise how much you shea love him
    aloha on you!

  • shallowgrave

    Lots of surprises in this one, rolls eyes… Could not have been any less informative… love the monster underbite photo tho

  • john

    ADS floater pic ! Ha !

  • daniel

    Thanks Shea, well written, lets see how the second half develops!!!

  • Cory

    Way to phone it in Shea.

  • Dante Rondo

    The level of the surfing is so high with all the guys, younger or older on tour now, that it must be hard to write about who has what…In ways…But i guess that is what a guy like Shea Lopez gets paid to do, and he has been there, so maybe he knows more about this area then many of us…Still it seems a bit overly analytical for sure ! Maybe we should just sit back and enjoy the show for the second half of this years tour, and not get to in our heads about who will take down who to climb to the top and clinch it. This ain’t football ! And it is not rocket science !

  • R.C.

    She-a, is often wrong but never but never in Doubt. He is Arrogant for being a 150 pound guy from the Gulf.

  • Jason

    Yeah the East Coast has never produced any good surfers….except for maybe the world’s best ever…dumbasses, lol. It doesn’t take a Hawaiian or an Aussie to evaluate a surfer. Haters gonna Hate. The review is spot on and diplomatic at the same time. No way someone is going to like every surfer but when it comes to reviewing and writing about one professionally, you need to be diplomatic, which Shea was. Not to mention, we should probably consider a Pro Surfer’s point of view, rather than a surf journalist that probably can’t even duck dive.

  • Mark

    Shea – what is your current Fantasy Surfer ranking?