A Merry Masthead Christmas

Twelve ladies who livened up an otherwise uninteresting mag page

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| posted on December 25, 2013
  • SlimerTime

    What are the names of these surfers??

    • andy too

      half the girls pictures are the same bitch

  • wyatt


    I’ve noticed you only post images of female butts, but many of those who read your magazine are also interested in the male form, both the back AND the front (packages…HELLO!). It strikes me that, in the interest of balance and serving your whole demo, some images of male butts and/or packages would only be fair. I know several of the top surfing pros have shapely buttockses and I can only imagine what they’ve got hangin’ in front 🙂 Seems like hardly a week goes by when your “This Is What Happened This Week” article doesn’t feature a raft of exposed female butts…but where are the boys? We’ve relegated them to “action” imagery but refuse to objectify them the same way we do the women. Sad double standard IMO.

    Anyway, love the mag and the website, just wanted to cast my vote for my male erotica.

    Thank you!

    • hansfree

      i agree, i want to see some male butts as well

      jake the snake, the hog, damien hardman and rod kerr would be some top picks for male butts. curious why they named john 2 times as well.

      i am sick of all these female tan leatherbutts. the guys butts will be so much more pristine with all the lack of sun in those long trunks they all wear

      • Sarah

        +1! More male butts please. I love checking out guys in tight wetsuits paddling by – would love to see whats under those suits. We live in a world where men and women should be objectified, infantalized and hypersexualized equally!

  • Ivan Oogieitch

    Isn’t it great how even the ‘standard’ bikinis are worn halfway up in the lady’s butt crack these days. In ten years time the ‘standard’ will be that they wear their little bikinis SOOOO far up their butt that they’ll need surgery to change into and out of them! ……I can only hope that I Iive for another ten years!

  • john

    wyatt and hansfree u two are fucking hilarious. check out this hilarious wipeout ->

  • C.P. Spencer

    Was caught red handed at Xmas dinner, had to switch the subject to favourite surf towns:

  • Morgan

    Wyatt & Hansfree – Both very funny posts but I do want to chime in and say I find it strange that surfer assumes its entire readership is heterosexual. As a surfer – and a gay man – I have long read the mag for 2 reasons: great surf imagery and tons of very chiseled, shirtless guys. And I just find it odd that the mag will happily delegate page/web space for non-surfing pictorials of women (mostly their butts…but I guess that’s what people like) but will only show the men in action images, never just posed w/o shirts and/or pants.

    You’re correct in assuming most of your readers want pictures for the spank bank, you’re just myopic in assuming they all want pictures of the same thing.

  • Axel Foley

    soft core porn ?

  • SandiP

    I totally agree that we need some more male butts photographed for the pages of Surfer! These guys look great! I think the girls are fine, but being female, I’d rather see the guys! Please stop the double standard and get the guys in here a little more! Thanks Surfer!! Love the magazine!

  • SoCal Steve

    Glad to hear the ladies want to admire the male butts! However, I think Surfer Mag and a few other magazines pride themselves on recognizing a beautiful women in some revealing beachwear. And there is absolutely nothing wrong with that. I’m confident there are other publications that would rather show more recognition to the male physique (butts included) than the female. So let’s not reinvent history with Surfers focus on the beautiful female beach babes, please!!!

  • BlackSails

    To those asking for photos of guys …. isn’t the entire magazine photos of shirtless men?

  • DS

    Surfer magazine wouldn’t be the same with male erotica, so go to a homo mag if you wanna see male junk. Surfer keep up the good work and pay no mind to these heathens.

  • Makani Gale

    How creepy are some of these shots? swervin’ and pervin’