Into the Jaws

Triumph and defeat at the hands of monster surf at Jaws

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| posted on March 04, 2014
  • ed

    SD gettin all the glory but who is the charger going left?

    • Scott Anderson

      Ricky Whitlock form Carlsbad, CA

  • kyyman

    dude why not just duckdive?what?

  • tocco

    unless the survival is capsized … see yellow boat 🙂

  • Pizza the Hut

    elasticity in the cosmos as the meteoroids passed/passing earth is probably a precurser to this swell happening and like pizza the hut, thoroughly entertained or die. Fireball grazers probably will effect ground hogs more than surfers in the atmosphere here anyway.

  • Gary Montague-Fryer

    What a circus…

  • Simple Jack

    Current photo journalists overseas are now detained for doing their job, irrespective of 14th ammendment rights and protections of the law. Gettys Images database for non-commercial use photos in the public domain and the State departments press release yesterday said it will not stand by ergregious acts that they are of flagrant use and of priveldges beyond US jurisdiction while abroad. Now they are in jail. I just so happened to copy and paste a surf photograph and sent it inside the body of an e-mail and there is nothing anyone can do in the Department of Justice, Justice Department or Criminal Justice System, seeing that surf photography enterprises don’t legally exist as a business and minerals in the ocean can’t ever be owned and pictures are for the enjoyment of the public and there is nothing Grind Media, Surfer Magazine, Surfers Journal, Prime Media, Publishers Clearing House, SIMA, SAG, Phillip Morris, Hui O Hee Nalu, Office Of Information Practices, No-FEAR Act, etc. nobody can do nothing for me lest I copy and past another photograph into an email and send it off. To whom it was sent was of little consequence and now no one else will know except that recipient and any such other email and photograph that recipient might forward to might see that image too. I really don’t care. I don’t need to have photographs because I liked simple jack and his act with head movies that made his eyes rain.

  • USAirwayFireMarshalBi;;

    This is great and all but where are the women? If Bethanie Hammelton goes on these waves it’d be al time. But like the one armed man, the Fugitive had to expose Lenses RuD90 patented medication and maybe Bethanie was like the one-armed man and indisposed on this swell. Maybe the next swell she;ll be out there like Puerto.

    • be_somebody

      my god you’re a kook

    • StanG

      Great correlary what is the point of surfing for the wrong person gets to go? shed do a doudle doppleganger off that one.

  • Jim

    Great to see a few of Twiggy!

  • Dante

    Where was Jamie Mitchell this day ? He has been absolutely pushing the envelope lately at Jaws, Mavs, Belharra, etc. He must have been on another mission…Or i am sure we would also see photos of him from this day. Dorian ! Your insane ! Awesome !!

  • Profile

    I remember the “surfer” crowd from school.