Long Island Logging

Mikey DeTemple and Alek Parker get groovy in Montauk

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| posted on April 09, 2012
  • stu

    isn’t this the d-bag who painted all the rocks in Mex?

  • Taco Luvah

    Hey Mikey, hit me up next time you find yourself in the boroughs. We’ll go to some legit taco joints deep in the heart of Queens. The only thing Mexican about TC is the aftermath…

  • Glenn Walton

    Love the music friend…..tell me who
    and if that was the swell around the 9th
    that showed up in the afternoon 4.6ft 13 sec SE
    the 3 Vivapina riders biked it down to you know where
    and it was a sesh filled with excitement too…..
    Great short flick there said perfectly…..the waves are here
    but finding them and timing is an art…. See you soon ….
    my navy sources say wed – thurs and I say behind PB’s
    thats coded but I know you will figure it out cause of the beard and stash

  • Doghouse Riley

    Pic #12- Look at those f*cking hipsters

  • Montauk kids

    My dream is not to surf the pipeline, but it’s to punch Mikey detemple repeatedly in the face. **Stay in the city**

  • RGC

    one turn nice!

  • jakeFOOS

    so a video of just mike surfing?

  • stoo

    cool little pictorial… video bummed me out though. i was kinda hoping to see alek catch a few. mikey detemple styles gets kinda boring after a bit

  • Albert Quatraro