Lombok Lefts

A goofyfooter’s dream roars to life in Indonesia

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| posted on June 28, 2011
  • shoots

    good shots….what you failed you to show is all those pro guys showing up at deserts and burning EVERYONE……and I mean everyone….good to know when it s on, and you ve travelled that far that you can always rely on boat loads of pros showing up and roasting everyone else….even the indos……and then get ushered back to their villas in bali……indo was great…in the 80 s

  • hmmm

    all amateur surfers in lombok we’re roasted on every wave that came through…but none were killed….and hawaii is now part of indo…i mean an island is an island right…

  • J

    I want to know the dimensions of the board that the big boy is surfing

  • http://dreamers stevo

    The voracious unquenchable appetite that is both the surf industry and pro surfers egos means that anyone living out the dream at Lombok that day was roadkill. So if you were just Joe Public, floating out there in your industry boardies, industry fin, industry backpack on the beach, you were both a victim and an accessory.

  • chills

    we all should feel honored to be burned by the pros in and out of the water. they’re awesome. isn’t that what spreading the aloha is these days?

  • MM

    Went to deserts first time mid to late 90s, only 4 guys there camping. There was no camp. We pulled up w/ Capt Don, just as the swell started to build.
    My 3 buds and I joined them and shared barrel after barrel! 1 guy at a time.

  • jubs

    I never buy surf brands anymore. I hope the $$ that help these guys come and destroy our day dries up!

  • adam

    Its all money guys. If you dont like the pros showing up and invading the spots you work all year to get to, stop paying their salaries. Dont buy surf company shirts, hats, stickers .. skip the magazines, videos, sunglasses, energy drinks and all the other over priced crap that pays for Surf Yachts, helicopters, jet skis, villas and bratty pros. Fight back with your cash.

  • tom

    if a pros burning you all day man the fuck up line up inside him and burn the motherfucker back? what they gonna do glare at you. little bratty bitches. fuck man, surfers can be such pussies. thats the only solution to a problem. if theyre gonna jetski up the point and catch every wave then fuck em.

  • Josie

    The unknown Indo surfer is Usman and he rips!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • sally

    just have fun and stop being so competitive!!! Everyone knows usman!! what are you going on about?

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