Let It Ring

The Top 34 and Top 17 make some noise at Bells

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| posted on April 02, 2013
  • Mike

    2 turns for a 9+.. judges missed.. just when you thought they were getting it together

  • John

    In the third frame it looks like Kai Otton might have dropped in on someone. This is an illusion. Actually the guy on the right is Dayne Reynolds having just launched a quadruple switchfoot alley oop at Rincoln. He launched a little too far- an embarrassing mistake… and landed co-incidentally on this right at Bells.

  • not john

    Fuckin hilarious john. Everybody loves your jokes.

  • John

    Did i mention that he grazed his head on the sun, hence the minor bald patch that doesn’t normally exist? The wax on his board melted, but he still landed it.