Leroy Grannis: 1917-2011

Remembering the legendary surf photographer

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| posted on February 08, 2011
  • yup

    Take notes kids, these are real photographs

  • Michael J

    Leroy, Thank you for bring the feeling and stoke of paddling out to us all!



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  • Jeff

    Sorry to tell you but Leroy’s images don’t need ridiculous photoshop vignettes like most of the digital crap today, so other than the few you ruined in this gallery, this is surf photography at it’s best…

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  • chalkie

    These have all been enhanced and saturated.

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  • Tony Carlson

    Manhatten Beach Pier 1958: I remember Leroy shooting pics at Manhatten Beach pier, and always smiling at us when we came out of the water and said “did you get the shot?” He got to know all of us locals by name. We would wait a week or two and then he would display one of us as “The Shot” at a photography shop 2 blocks up from the beach, with a really big photo and leave it there in the window for all to see driving or walking by,for 2 weeks for all to see. The photo shop was next door downhill of the Lamar theatre, on the south side of the street..we were all new surfers then and it was a thrill to see if you “made it” in the front was a great time to be surfing and exploring the coast in our old cars! He was truly a pioneer of surf photography and we all loved him. Good memories!

  • Emmanuel

    The LeRoy Grannis Memorial Paddle-Out and Celebration of Life will be Saturday, June 25th, at the south side of the Hermosa Beach Pier. The ceremony will begin at 11:00 am.
    In addition to this, there are a few other events going on in Hermosa throughout the day. There will be a gallery showing of Grannis photos at Bo Bridges Studio on Hermosa Avenue, and a slide show of the book “Surf Photography of the 60’s and 70’s” at Sangria Restaurant on Pier Plaza. Also, the Hermosa Beach Surf Museum, at the Pier Avenue Community Center, will have a great exhibit of LeRoy Grannis memorabilia. The day will be a great tribute an incredible photographer.

    Its facebook fanpage :

  • Astralis

    He was probably using Photoshop 0.1 beta.

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