Lay Days on the Goldie

Competitors find fun waves in their downtime

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| posted on March 01, 2011
  • Mik

    Coco. such a rad surfette. She and Sylvana Lima are my picks for winning the title. I think the bigger girls are overscored for weight generated spray, when these two are the electric ones with the more radical moves.

  • Grey

    Yeah Toddy nice gallery bud!!! You’re life is obviously sucking right about now….

  • sd, cali

    cool, fanning finds the slob grab the easiest so he does them EVERY time he tries an air. fanning ur airs are 2 ft below everyone elses stop embarassing urself

  • dave

    im sure your airs are much better, douchebag

  • Tropical Bedding

    Going to be a fun year to watch the tour, can’t wait to see the Goldy in a day or so!

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