La Graviere

Photos from the Quik Pro France in Hossegor

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| posted on October 07, 2012
  • http://none Steve Briggs

    Dear Peter “Joli” Wilson photographer to the stars,
    How in the world are you able to travel the world in this economy, shoot at the most expensive locations pay for hotel, airfare, rental car, food, libations, etc. and then get paid $20.00 per photo for a grand total of $260.00 for these 13 photos ran on the France contest? Every normal, rational, intelligent person would say what the F—? Why do you still do it when you are clearly losing money. Nice photos by the way but that is hardly the point. It’s a sad time in the digital world for “Surf” photogs. Good luck Joli.

  • Luiz

    And he can afford to bring his wife also. So he is paying for two people. Yes, Joli please explain how you can pull this off?


  • Zack

    Slaters no hands barrel riding definatly took the whole contest for him

  • Susana Caron



    Its nice to see the wild card, Dane ( The Joker ) give Kelly a run for the Deal (Hossegor) and seriously In…. Joying the game!

  • Beca bowman

    The best surfer out in the water is the one having the most fun! T hat’s kelley Slater. Kelley Slater said it’s like the mafia, you’re in there no getting out. If it swells ride it! “Set it-Think it-Do it! Kelley Slater is Da Mammie.