Kandui Rights

Photos of tropical perfection in the Mentawais

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| posted on May 21, 2014
  • David Keagy

    I thought it was just called Rifles. Kanduis is a resort. No one ever calls hideaways Waveparks Lefts? WTF?

    • ManBearPig808

      rifles is only one section of one break close to the resort…

      the worst thing about rifles (apart from getting slammed on the reef) is getting caught on the inside as there is no break in the reef. Actually that’s bullshit – the worst thing about it are the hordes of brazzos that can’t surf.

      • mangemongland

        That can be said about all the breaks in the Mentawais

      • Goedi

        The worst thing about rifles or any other surfspot are those people who didn´t learn anything from the ocean and still think they know everything and are better than others. Respect ManBearPig808!

        • ManBearPig808

          Uh as I said. That would be all the brazzo hoardes

  • Rodster


  • FatSlater

    Robert was charging! Get well quick!

  • rel0627

    Why is the audio on the ad so loud?

  • trongo the mongo

    No mention of the hideous crowds at this joint. Everyone in the whole ments waiting for this to break. Nothing like pulling into the barrel of your life to get burnt.

  • JTE

    Robert Temple – Not Templeton…… Sick shot Bert, get well soon brother

  • Josh Hazy

    Get well soon Bert!!!

  • RED

    What about the grom Nathan Behl from South Florida just chargin it !!