Kamchatka: Russia’s Forbidden Peninsula

A film and photos from surf exploration along the remote coast of Russia, from our January Issue

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| posted on December 18, 2012
  • yew


  • Not Moaning

    @ yew – that looked one heck of a trip. Maybe not surf-porn waves, but amazingly beautiful, interesting and groundbreaking. Some cool and not overly pretentious folk on it, too. You a fool.

  • michael

    I’m going to Moscow they don’t allow hippies or hipsters there!
    Do yourself a favour and shave the beard


    amazing place, beautiful photos and movie. Nice trip

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  • Jimmy the Saint

    This is really getting to the essence of what surfing is about. I loved the article in the Jan issue and this video and photos. Keep up the good work guys….
    Can’t believe that anyone is dissing this!

  • rw

    Fun looking waves.

  • Matt Fostvedt

    Lena is amazing. We had her as our guide when we travelled to Kamchatka as well. Very diplomatic individual in a place where skills like that can go a long way.


  • Tim

    That looked like a lot of fun. Beautiful scenery (who knew?), chill vibes, and small waves but good times nonetheless.

  • Vas Deferens

    You know who would have been awesome on this trip? D.R.

  • HodadMcRasta

    It’s getting to the point where you have to go to Russia to get away from the crowds. But I’m sure that spot will be mobbed 5 years from now. Overpopulation sucks.

  • Pavlo

    Loved this series of photo and story. It had a great feeling about, it captured something about the essence of the trip. Would loved to have been there. More beautiful Russian women would be a bonus.

  • icysurfer

    VERY Cool set. Been fascinated by Kamchatka for years, ever since I saw it on the Board of the Game RISK. Otherworldly ecosystems…


  • kevin short

    rather be somewhere else….

  • carioca

    Anyone who doesn’t like these pics is a couch potota!

  • Excellent

    This clip revealed the essence of a surf trip; the waves were not spectacular, but these guys were able to see a new culture, landscape and have some fun with people they enjoy. I personally would have liked being a part of that trip very much.

  • gregh

    Looked like an awesome adventure to a really uncharted place. Was the surf amazing, not really, looked like a mix of east and west coast surf. But that was not really the point of the trip. Looked awesome, definitely not your average PR trip.

  • tommy

    Tom Curren, 7 or 8 years ago:

    Same area?

  • zeno malan

    Looks fun but I get the feeling they’re holding out on John Q. Public.

    There’s a perfect right and left-hander around the headland.

  • Auris

    Anyone knows the track name from 1:19??

  • Auris

    anyone knows the track name from 1:19 in video?

  • Ralph Osborn

    Many years ago, 1972 to be exact, my parents traveled to Russia on an engineering tour. Things were pretty well closed up in those years. My mom and stepdad were allowed to talk freely with a group of college students. They really wanted to know what american kids did for fun. When they were told that my brother and I surfed, they were amazed. They knew what it was, but they knew of no places in their country that had surf. Well, now you got it!!! Surf on, Russian Comrades!!! Keep looking. Get wet.

  • Flipper

    Pretty cool, reminds me of the 60’s, winter in the uk.

  • Scuba Steve

    The song @ 1:19 is called Hey Moon by John Maus

  • Yana Papaya

    Thank yoou for these unforgetable impressions and feelings that I’ve got afterwards. Being a true soul surfer and a Russian citizen who lives abroad now, I felt such a great mix of various feelings deep inside of me: light and bright sadness, excitement, pure joy and calm gratitude for being born in such a great country with beautiful landscapes, interesting culture, hospitable and generous soul! I am amazed by our surf potential and hopefully I will manage to do the same trip as your wonderful team did! Thanks for showing such a nice piece of Russia, for bringing up the true Russian spirit with even a shot of vodka, who minds it? Thanks for sharing your experience, i feel gooze bumps and got tears in my eyes, as life is beautiful in every way and the way you showed it to us was incredible!!! I can’t stop saying “Thank YOU”!!!!

  • Yana Papaya

    @Ralph Osborn , thanks for sharing your story! I hope lots of Russians who live close by Kamchatcka will follow your example, as the huge amount of Russians now have escaped to more warmer places and surf in tropical waters at the moment. Russian surfers settled down in Bali and Sri-Lanka. As for me I live in New Zealand at the moment and keep on dreaming that I could experience and travel across my country to dive into such pure wilderness which embraces my heart and makes me completed! thanks again!

  • Helen

    Want to go and see for yourself? You could try – a New Zealand based expedition ship company and operate a 50 passenger vessel in the Kamchatka region 🙂

  • Des Thureson

    One of the best surfing-trip-movies I’ve ever seen. Thanks for putting it together.
    What’s the name of the music that plays for the first ~45 seconds?



  • iban phartin

    sooo rad! such a cool video. love danes cutback at 9:48, soooo nice

  • kris goodbody

    fantastic, one hell of a novel idea… Russia, jesus…