Jaws, or Pe’ahi

Big-wave surfers converge on Maui’s famed XXL surf spot

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| posted on January 18, 2014
  • Bobtheknob

    Why is garrett clutching a toilet seat?

    • Elijah

      Its a broken Wavejet

  • Locos andres

    Will not display on iPad!

  • Sage

    Great photographs. The poignant images really are thought provoking. First a helicopter flying to close to the ocean sea level surface is problematic and volatile to surfers. The fact no first responder is shown evidently gives reason for an airmen violation. Second, the philosophy of a big wave surfer with a flotation device, crowded situations of assigned-risk, and authorship of surfing forefathers ie Fred Himmings “The Art of Surfing” takes precedent to those reading and mainly questions latent homosexuality. Red Bull Maui Events, Running of Bulls in Pamplona, Spain, Marketing strategies of Civil Defense using Red Tape account to these problems and must also stem to Greg Noll backing down at Makaha. Such lore from those descending upon the next great swell will certainly be affected with consternation. Outside log cabuns will be waiting with military intervention, however, trust noone as the shoreline egress is problematic.
    Laird and co. with Honda commercials will work on the next Zero bomb design – as he dwells from the Maui daimyo, samurai soldiers will make him wear a kimono – as he must win. Fundamental processions of energy drinks can be found at the closest point of ingress.
    Garret McNamara coincidentally will rally Navy Seal of the 21st infantry, combatantly placed on 80 feet waves. Rent paid for equipment and equal work dolls out accordingly (without supplemental oxygen). A G-12 pay grade threshold must be culpable. Pentagon officials make pecuniary discord for open space on Virgin Galactic cargo runs embellished with ASP new logo and Kelly usufruct on the board. This echelon of entertainment might just get a cede into Mavericks, maybe.

  • john

    Pretty funny how the caption says that the board didn’t survive the beating, then Albee Layer is riding that exact board in the next image..

  • Don

    Wow, that’s some broad swell. Next ones distance is gonna be a doozy.

  • Yunqing


  • João Paulo Martins

    It’s called Nazaré, portuguese version os Nazareth.