On Oahu

Highlights from a week on the North Shore

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| posted on December 13, 2013
  • gannysesh

    Wow, seven water photographers for one barrel.

    No women allowed in the Wave Warriors?

    Cool Eddie shots!

  • ?

    ganny? I haven’t heard that word in 20 years.

  • 20ftat20seconds

    Highlights from one small stretch of the North Shore. Pipe, OTW, and Rockies are all within eye-sight of each other out in their respective lineups on a good day. -Great waves, but there were so many other breaks going off last week. Outer reefs were heaving on the last night of the Pipe Master’s contest and in the early morning after. Sunset was in real form with twice the size of just about anywhere else. Funny how small the Country really is, but surf “journalism” focuses on a few breaks right next to each other unless a contest goes to Haleiwa or Sunset. Maybe it is best left that way?

  • john

    That is a breathtaking shot. Is there anywhere i can buy that?

  • Jbeezknees

    I miss seeing AI in these shots. RIP bro.