Hello, Hawaii

A mighty swell rocks the shores of Oahu and Maui

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| posted on November 17, 2013
  • Jesus

    By definition, real estate means property in building or
    land. The fact the new triple crown of surfing mailer is full of real estate
    agents and surfing, rejects the state of surfing as we know it. A ‘nigerism’
    evoked by the surfer leaving the house to go surfing is what the sport has
    become. Resin, catalyst and finish sanding aren’t really the final product of
    surfboard. Should surfboards ultimately be made by each surfer to refute the
    term? I’d allow the magazine to develop this question in an article to discuss.

    • gannysesh


    • ricka


  • Danny

    This makes no sense and is offensive. Your a Barney for thinking so hard on a sport that’s designed to reflect soul

    • Some Guy


      • Mike


  • Stevo

    Lots of synergy out there this swell. Awesome pictorials. God Bless.

  • Boomboom

    Dude wtf, you sound like the kind of guy everyone wants to kick in the ass

  • Racingstar