A collection of unusual dwellings and the surfers who inhabit them

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| posted on September 07, 2011
  • Sandra SnikerSR


  • Sandy Townsend

    Thanks Surfer Mag for an awesome spread; inspiring, jaw-dropping and seriously envy inducing – a 460 board quiver Bird Huffman??!

  • http://N/A cactass dupree

    Yeah dude i saw this guy on “Pickers” on TV. totally rad!!

  • Ed Solis

    Where in San Diego is it…Sure like to check it out.

  • jbinsb

    You call a hotel room (for Dunfee) a “dwelling” and dropping in for the night “inhabiting.” Ditto the surboard museum. We’ve seen it before; it’s cool, but it’s not a dwelling, at least not the part you showed.

  • Cayenne Peppa

    Where can we check out the boardroom? I need a new/used noserider.

  • Levi

    Bird is the man! So fricken cool! I dropped by there one day just before closing, and he was super cool. We talked shop and he talked about boards, surfing, trips, and turned me on to the killer board I’ve been riding lately. We stayed talking probably 30 minutes after he was closed already. Really cool guy and really cool place. If you get the chance, check it out. You can google Bird Surf Shack to find out where it’s at.

  • SSTiddy

    If I ever became wealthy enough, I would love to purchase this collection and build a museum around this underappreciated art form. I only got to surf for 2 years prior to my accident, but I have a love for this art form/sport that I can’t even put into words. As an artist and lover of unusual art forms, I think that surfboard shapers are one of the least appreciated types of artists out there. They are sculptors, hydrodynamic engineers, aerodynamic engineers, structural engineers and in many cases airbrush artists. What they create is usable art. There are so few types of art that require a specialized artist to create an instrument that is then used to create another art form. The closest thing that I can think of are musical instrument builders. If it wasn’t for them there would be no musicians there for there would be no music. If it wasn’t for surfboard shapers there would be no surfboards therefore no surfers (yeah yeah I know, bodysurfing and bodyboarding (which I love) are the exception, but I’m talking about hardboard surfing). Without Music and surfing I would have no soul! So to all artists of this form, be it carving in foam or carving up the foam, I love what you do even if I’m just watching from the sidelines.
    Thanks to you “Bird” and all others that preserve this art form!!! Shape on, surf on!!!

  • PaulTannenbaum

    Foster Huntington’s Cinder Cone compund should be on this list: