Perfect tubes and feral jungle collide at Grajagan

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| posted on August 22, 2011
  • Justa Guy

    I am looking at a picture of Makua Rothman wearing a t shirt with “A.I. would scrap” on it which is fine but I am amazed to see that “RVCA” put their label on there….and a shame when a Hawaiian son ( Makua) doesn’t even know what a sell out he is. What happened to the soul of surfing…?

  • justa realist

    @justu gly so ur sayin makua shouldn’t accept a sponsorship? instead he should sell crack to fund his big wave riding travels?

  • Stephen Spaulding

    I respect Jason Child’s photographic track record, but not his grasp on the facts concerning Grajagan. In this article I see a group shot with Makua in it, and the caption reads, “Bobby’s camp was the first G-Land experience”… Perhaps SURFER should have dug a little deeper into their archives, and came up one of Shirley Roger’s photos of her then boyfriend at the time (1980) Makua’s dad. In
    Shirley’s photo, the building in the background would have been one of the original
    bamboo treehouses, and Bobby would not have been remotely in the picture. Mike Boyum’s camp (Plengkung) was the first G-Land experience, unless you were Bill Boyum, who made it in there first while it was still unspoiled jungle… Spauldo