Finals in France

Mick Fanning wins his fourth Quik Pro

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| posted on October 04, 2013
  • Daniel

    It’s sad to see Medina losing a final again which he outsurfed his oppponent. It sucks to have to complain about that. Medina is the most underscored and ripped off surfer on tour ever. If judges keep up their dirty work, pro surfing might be devastated.

  • Bruno Fernandes da Cunha Barbo

    I don’t want to understimate Mick’s surf because he’s a great surfer and has proved that is capable to win against any surfer on tour, but judges are screwing up the sport overscoring some waves and underscoring others. Everyone is complaining about the judgement criteria and people are giving up watching surf contests. I think the ASP should revise the way judges and head judge proceed to judge heats, otherwise the sport will be thrown into the rubbish.

  • ryan

    surprised Medina actually stuck around for the trophy presentation and throw another temper tantrum

  • FL

    I watch all the contests every year and have seen good and bad calls. Mick’s wave was so over scored. I think Mick’s a great surfer, and I’m not a fan of Medina watering eyes, but come on we know who won. Note to judges you “F-up”, good job….. Also Kelly wake up and finish this.

  • Denis

    I don’t think that Medina was ripped off, it was a close call. I actually really enjoyed Micks surfing as its refreshing to see someone going that fast with amazing bottom turns and critical cutbacks. The number of air reverses on these contests is getting bigger than razor cut cutbacks and bottom turns. It’s just better surfing than pump, snap, pump and air reverse. Everyone is doing them these days and they shouldn’t be rewarded as anything super special unless they are extraordinary high. On the under hand not that many people can consistently surf like Mick and it’s something really special. If guys pull out some sort of the rodeo or a back flip that only few people can do, then they should be awarded a 9 or a 10 point ride straight away. Like this it should stay around 7-8 range in this particular situation. Maybe other judges would have given a point less to Mick and a point more to Medina. That way Medina would be a winner and it would still be a fair victory, but it was nothing more than this. At the end of the day, judges are dealing with a different shape of liquid under the guys feet every single time and to satisfy everyone down to 2 decimal points would be a miracle.

  • Kirk Schroeder

    I think the judges are doing a great job, but there are always going to be a few little slips here and there. It has seemed like Medina has been underscored on a couple waves as of late, but I don’t think he deserved to win that final. Had those lefts help up like they did in the semis, he very likely would have won.

  • timbo

    Bring back Perry hatchett!

  • Surfing realist

    More sour grapes from biased Brazilian fans………………what about your boys claiming the most ordinary rides like they were 10 pointers………………bad losers and bad winners………..when the Brazilian surfing community learns some humility then they will start to gain the respect they believe is there right

    • Stuart

      The 6.5 of Medina’s had one awesome snap and then two completed alley-oops while in Round 5 you can see Julian Wilson’s first wave and its an 8.1 for 1 big alley oop and the 2nd was incomplete. Mick surfed awesome, but Medina’s air game with snaps had him winning the final. I think Medina won the final and I’m an Australian. Its not a country thing – its judging BS out of control that shouldn’t be in our sport and needs to be sorted.

    • Daniel

      You mean the same humility that you show in your words here?

    • Henry F.

      In other words: As long as they are relegated to a secondary role they will have our respect and mercy. Even because they are the only ones claiming these days.

  • jade

    wow, again I am left after another event shaking my head in disbelief at the judging..Inconsistent, and frankly looking biased…I love to watch the these amazing surfers to only come away feeling like some have been cheated, not a good look ASP..

  • Fan of Surfing

    Watch the Parko Otts heat and tell me Otts didn’t win that… they overscored Joel so many times in this event it was disgusting to watch… If kelly wouldn’t have blew his last wave the judges would have pushed him thru as well. Mick was getting the nod no matter what… it’s all about titles and money and since Brazil isn’t bring any of that to the table… well here’s your second place trophy… enjoy it! The ASP is so messed up and politically driven it’s sckiening. I cannot wait for 2014! Let’s hope it improves.

  • Bob

    Medina can’t expect to win contests by doing multiple air reverses on every wave – he definitely has the variety in his bag of tricks he just needs to pull them out