Fijian Thunder

The world's best surfers take on massive Cloudbreak

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| posted on June 12, 2012
  • JLF

    Best wave of the day????…. RAMON NAVARRO…chilean charger…. and i didn´t see any picture …

    here is a link…. enjoy

  • GErardo

    where is the wave of Ramon Navarro??? one, if not the best of the day

  • Evan

    Great photos and awesome commentary Todd. It’s nice to read really detailed commentary. Especially about the peculiarities of Cloudbreak, like the depth of the Sish Kebab section. This photo set, coupled with the webcast, makes me feel like I was there.

  • gail stewart

    Todd, awesome photos and notes. Great job. RB and I watched webcast and your photos tell the story!!! Incredible surf.. and ditto on the jetski rescuers. They are water warriors!

  • David

    Best surfer pictoral and narrative i have ever seen. Totally epic I agree tieth Gail i saw the webcast in awe but this story really defines it

  • Cheeze

    Curious, how much is surfing insurance for a pro surfer these days anyway…?

  • http://Surfer Kimbo

    Great work Todd , with so much hysterical dialogue around it was fantastic to read your notes attached to those photos , think I now have a clear perspective of what unfolded.

  • jay jarvis

    Sweet emotion!

  • Mik

    Thnx for a great photo/text essay Todd… Refreshing to get a very insightful description, with photos of a broader group of people, written with intelligence and respect. I’ve surfed Cloudbreak, but with only one sneaker set at double overhead, so it was nothing like this… And I agree, the video I’ve seen of Reef’s bomb is maybe the best big barrel I’ve ever seen. He charges!

  • Carioca

    Dude, how big is that? Damn big, that’s what! Great pics, Todd!

  • miriam

    great pics!



  • T. Amenta

    I am a fine art painter. I paint the human figure. I have never painted surfing. I am thinking I might start a series of paintings based on the random white on blue of the water, wave shape, spray and the figure of the surfer against the specific colors and shape of the board. This might sound odd. I live on a farm in New England but I see wonderful things here in your world.

    I must derive my images from photographs. I understand that I can copy a photograph but must deviate by 10% or 20% to avoid copyright infringement. I will do this. So my question is does anyone want paintings of surfing and if you are photographer do you want to permit me to use your photographs for a fee or portion of what ever I make. In either case I agree up front.