Faces of Rincon

Images of the famed pointbreak and those who call it home

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| posted on March 10, 2011
  • Dave Schauber

    The unidentified surfer in Shot 6 is Bryan Schmidt from Carpinteria one of my Glas Team Riders along with my other rider Sean Lesh in shot 8 also from Carpinteria.

    Funny that these 2 are the only ones that could ride their bicycles to Rincon, everyone else has to drive 15 to 20 miles to surf there.

    I really like all the guys in the article and Morgan is super cool and clicks insane shots, I just think that if an article is going to be called “Faces of Rincon” and reference ” People who call it home” then you should not just run photos of your little click of friends and put more emphasis on a few figures you see there everyday rain or shine.

    There were 3 unknown surfers and 2 shots of Trevor and 2 shots of Brandon. If it were going to be a true community article you should have not ran unidentified surfers and not ran multiples so you could encompass more local figures or landmarks on the point. Just sayin.

  • KOOK

    dave is upset because he is from florida and there is no photo of him…

  • Daniel Bonnifay

    This has got to be one of the worst photo features ever…. where are the real guys that surf there? Dane Reynolds, BA, the Coffins, Robert Martinez Jr., Vogues, the Currens, I mean the faces of Rincon. This is a joke and the photos fucking suck. Get a new job!

  • dude

    Schauber’s from Florida ?? Ouch. Why does he act so loc ? What Maassen, no outhouse photos ?

  • damom

    Good pics but I agree there needs to be more variety. It would have been nice to show some bigger swells like big sunday so people can see what the con can handle.

  • annon.

    I so agree with the comment below. Ive been surfing Rincon sense before I could walk and not to mention Im one of the only chicks out there everyday, rain or shine. Besides that wheres my badass mom who gets up at 6 am to surf Rincon every single day. Or all the real local carp boys I see out there every single morning. not to mention I can ride my bike there. So lame. Con is Carpas. Get it right.

  • SBRat

    Great photos & sequence Morgan! I am glad you put some photos up of the kids who really hold down the Con ….. and Annon. The Con is the Queen of the Coast, it’s own entity if you will, not Carpas. Get it right.

  • tarpitz

    i did not see any of those guys out all week well except Lesh who was finding the right lines in the cove. it has been pumping all week and they are all hiding at “THE PIT” where they live. 30 min from Rincon.

  • TPL

    Everybodys always got something to say and complain about, just appreciate it for what it is. Morgan is the man. Everyone in this story surfs rincon a lot. There is obviously many others that could have been in this story, but these were the ones that got the photos. Everybody knows bob and the currens and the coffins are rincon locs. Can’t please everybody all the time. Carp is the closest to rincon, but even the carp boys know sb, vtown, and carp unite to own the con. All the real boys know there standing out there in the lineup. Its a free for all, get use to it.

  • axman

    Perhaps the editors are to blame….if your gonna name it a “locals” story and invoke “Home” in the title, then it should be about the guys and gal that do call it HOME.
    I am with the real locals…..but nice photo montage nonetheless….Peace!

  • Carpas

    Yeah Dave was born in Florida but he has lived in Carp since 85 if I remember correctly and most of you were still in diapers then. He has never called himself a local and I have actually always heard him refer to himself as a Transplant even though he has done a lot to help members of the community.

    When a local kid was injured he raised funds to help him, when La Conchita slid he rallied the surf company’s and got clothing for those in need, and he has stood up for the younger locals anytime they have been in an altercation. To me that makes him a valuable member of our community. As with anyone there are a few people that may not like him but most all of us do.

    Nothing he said above was negative or untrue in anyway, he actually made some valid points which I agree with wholeheartedly. One thing is for certain he definitely didn’t hide behind a nickname like the rest of us. That speaks volumes of his integrity. Your welcome at my house any time Dave.