SURFER Photo Editor Grant Ellis on his favorite shots

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| posted on August 18, 2011
  • whamo

    That Slater at Waimea shot is epic. That shot of Uppers triggered memories. You are a great photographer.

  • Rambo Estrada

    Nice selection of images and great insight into the circumstances of the shots.

  • jhunter

    nice photos grant….now all you have to worry about it T Ruiz and the CDM crew …naming el morro …guess it was years ago. that place never breaks anymore….right 😉

  • wills

    incredible, thanks for sharin

  • robh

    Great photos. Love your description of the spray shadows rolling down the beach at Supers. Surfers see waves, photogs see waves and light.

  • Roger

    Where can I buy a print of El Morro 2004?

  • fanny pino

    Thank you for sharing those amazing pictures. I supose you are a profesional photografer but I would like to know wich kind or camera are you using for this kind of movements in the waves that are perfect !
    I am looking for a great camera as good as the one you have.
    Thank you for your time to give me the advise in this matter

  • Andrew

    i love the dylan graves pic in PR. if you look in the impact zone a guy ditched his can see his feet sticking up out the water.

  • MIk

    Wow. Every image grabs attention. Rare. Grant’s the man.

  • HoChiBonger

    I sometimes wonder about photographers fav’s. Not Grant’s though, I find almost all of them quite striking!

  • Tim

    Grant it is such an inspiration to see where you have soared to,
    I remember you right in the beginning Doing Mich a favour shooting Chelsea on the beach front i dont think you had thought of traveling at this stage but boy oh boy greater things where yet to come, You where destined to show your skills and expose the talent you possess. It is great to see a safa with shooting skills from amanzim-Texas. Love your work.

  • Jamon Bagel

    Unbelievably great images. That kind of mastery benefits everyone who loves surfing. Truly moving.

  • William

    Amazing collection of photographs. Thanks a lot for sharing.

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  • Clyde Carson

    Big guy imagine my surprise when I downloaded the flip board app for my photographer wife and notice the article about you, we really enjoyed your gallery. I think my wife is a little jealous that I had such cool school friends back in the toti days. really enjoy your work and will definitely look out for more. Sing out when you next back on the gold coast