SURFER Staff Photographer Jason Childs on his 10 favorite shots

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| posted on August 02, 2011
  • wills

    awesome shots! yeeeee film

  • Culture Club

    Jason is a man if integrity and one of the original expatriates to document the surfing lifestyle of Indonesia so incredibly well. There are many other photographers who have moved to Bali to shoot, but there has always been something inspiring about Jason. Good on ya mate!

  • Caribe

    Lucky is the only word I have for everyone (inc. myself) who lived & surfed in Bali back when the Bukit & Nusa Dua were wilderness places and six guys out was a crowd at Uluwatu.

    What a wonderful thing to have known. Sad for all of you who missed it. Thanks for the cool pix & the memories…

  • Glenn

    I surfed Balangan first back in 1984…lived there off and on for the next few years. We stayed in the cave that is now surrounded by warungs. This shot makes it look MUCH better than it really is. The takeoff over near the point is ok then it sections and breaks fast onto the reef…a lousy wave compared to Bingin round the point aways, let alone Padang-Padang a little ways further along.

  • David

    These should ALL be available for wallpapers they are awesome!! I especially enjoy the panaramic spot photos

  • Tire sealant

    Awesome shots! I love surfing 😡

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  • Cj

    Fkn awesome wave tho cool pic

  • peter ‘strongie’ strong

    Jason has been a true pioneer of capturing the essence of surfing in Indo. Did it in the early years using just film. Digital ahs made it a lot easier for ‘wannabees’ photo boys.

    And when consider Jason is blind in one eye (from accident when young) it makes what he has captured so awesome.(just for a minute shut one eye and picture yourself in a barrel taking a shot-pretty incredible to do!)

    Nice to see in his musings that he has not lost the love of the people or the places in Bali that have been lost to the developers

    Top shooter over a l-o-n-gt time in the waves!