SURFER Staff Photographer Chris Burkard on his 10 favorite shots

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| posted on June 08, 2011
  • Jamie

    These are awesome, bro. I love it. Great job!

  • Mik

    Sorry dude, but Dane Reynolds power carves as heavy as anyone on the planet. Mendia isn’t the only surfer who lays it on rail, and if could surf like Dane, he’d be where Dane is: Global respect. You’re too isolated in CenCal… More like Self CenCal if anything. Nate Tyler rocks though.

  • Whamo

    Great photography. It makes me want to visit my friend at Cayucos.

  • Sand Sock Girl

    These are epic! The texture and the realism of these pictures makes one almost feel like they are right next to the moment when it was captured.

  • http://google Lawrence L. deBoxtel III

    Great captures Chris hope to see more of your work gracing the pages of Surfer and many other surfing publications. Great work!

  • Cy

    WOW. These are amazing shots – could you tell us what camera, exposures etc you used? I’m not a ‘surf/surfer’ photog but I just hope one day I could take great shots like these…thank you

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