SURFER Staff Photographer Todd Glaser on his 10 favorite shots

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| posted on May 27, 2011
  • Al Baydough

    Keoni: definitely one of the best most underrated surfers in CA. True waterman.

  • Time

    I have watched Keoni surf Ventura for 15+ years! Never have liked him!! He surfs too good; it’s always bothered me. Seriously though, it is amazing how he’s never been in the spotlight. There’s another guy who’s every bit as good that you never hear about, a goofy foot by the name of Pete. Talk about rail to rail power. I watch the new “talent” from SB and Ventura all the time and this guy is in a different league. Hey somebody has to not be famous.

  • The Slide

    Thank you. Amazing photos from a talented photographer. His shots remind me of the legendary shots your staff members used to take. Composition, lighting, feel, palette. Awesome. Post more.

  • wills

    epic shots, good to see some film talent in this oversaturated photoshop world

  • call me chicken

    hats off to these guys! Would never attempt anything like this myself but I most certainly admire their gustiness and talent!