SURFER Staff Photographer Morgan Maassen on his 10 favorite shots

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| posted on May 15, 2011
  • wills

    so awesome, great to see these soul shots

  • Whamo

    I like the shot of Travers. Smooth surfing is becoming a lost art. It was always, and still is, my favorite. Smooth surfing makes you feel like you are one with the wave, the Earth, the sky, and outer space.

  • Lusk

    cool pix morgsy

  • William Bay

    Brilliant work Morgan. As a photographer also I know that the stuff that is our favorite doesn’t always get the awards or end up in print.
    And good job by Surfer publishing these. They’re brilliant!

  • Jay

    Funny, those are probably 10 of my least favorites…

  • mo

    I cant move other site now. Real arts!!!

  • Mik

    Sick (positive usage)

  • Janet

    Fabulous frozen moments in time. Gratitude that you were on the spot capturing these moments for us to savor and enjoy! Truly exceptional work and thoughtful statements on each one.

  • juz

    Awesome composition in every shot, great work Morgan.

  • Larni

    Your photos are totally EPIC!!! Looking forward to seeing more work! 😉

  • http://surfermag greg hall

    Why wasnt the search taken to Rincon …..Ocean beach should dish up some juice though ….

  • Neal Miyake

    Enjoyed this gallery immensely. Saw that b/w shot of faraway Sunset in the mag–epic! For those that can’t tell, Morgan is a true artist, deliberately setting up camera and position to capture exactly what he has in mind. Aloha!

  • Glenn Walton

    Thankyou for sharing those beautiful soulful compositions. fine art ….
    I tell people sometimes that the best wave was the one that I was paddling out through that made the day. The magical moments are just there for a moment or two and your clickin some good ones there Morgan.

  • Christo

    Best slideshow in a while – playin with kitsch as a clichee but never going there. Great!

  • Benj

    Pretty average. Digi-tryhard.

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