Senior Photographer Rob Gilley on his 10 favorite shots

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| posted on July 11, 2012
  • love film

    Machado backside tube shot is still one of my favorites ever. Good work Gilley.

  • Patrick

    If my memory serves me correct, the picture of Alan Cleland above appeared inside, on the first page of the mag, while another shot, much more close up with Gilley higher in the lip looking down on Cleland was the cover shot, correct? Wasn’t it a fold out too?

  • Chongo

    @Patrick. I believe you are correct. That was one of my favorite covers ever. Now, help me remember. Did it saw originally that it was taken at Imperial Beach?

  • Nick Z

    Drooling over the film shots, especially the black and whites; inquiring minds want to know your favorite rolls!

  • EG

    Where can I purchase? Saw they used to be available at Bartram Gallery but no inventory. Great photos!

  • Chris

    If I remember correctly in a follow up issue they interviewed Alan and he said his wetsuit sponsor gave him a new suit seeing how his was missing a knee… Monumental foto, one of the iconic images.

  • Christopher NOLAN

    At first I thought everything was tan on his face and he had big peach lips lol