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Photographer Matt Lusk Chases Swell Across Snow-Covered Coastline

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| posted on January 03, 2011
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  • Dave Lusk

    Nice work bro

  • Rookster

    Very cool. I’ve seen so many better shots of you so it’s tough to say if I like it simply because it’s in surfer or because it gives you some street cred! Keep up the soul surfing, my brother!

  • patrick

    jetskis assists??? Hawaiians are laughing

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  • tyler

    BIG UPS PATRICK,,,, Being an east coaster it embarassing for everyone to claim 3 foot hawaii style waves as unridable for east coasters without jet skis.

    Come on man and ESM quit Towing in. What you afraid of falling ???? Its only sand………

  • Lusk

    the ed left out the fact that i said it was mostly closeouts that day in NJ. Thats why the jet ski was convenient.

  • East Coast

    The skis were not needed to surf these waves.

    the skis were used to increase wave count since the east coast only gets a swell like this once a year. Might as well ride these waves instead of just looking at them and paddling with 7 mil gloves till your arms fall off. the ski keeps the boys warm with the hot water mod since the air temps are below 20 plus wind chill and the water is below 40 degrees. this aint no hawaii bro brah with warm water perfect reefs where the wave comes in on one peak. this is beach break shifty ass waves cold as hell ice cream headaches. figure it out. Id love to see someone from hawaii come over here and surf these waves. theyd prob drown in all the rubber and pack it up before they made it out cuz its so cold. Were talking fucking blizzard conditions here. these boys are nuts for even being out there let alone on a ski

    By the way Nicely done Matt. You must of froze your ass off these days capturing these shots. The Photos are great! East Coast rules! I know your holding the money shots for something else… lets see um

  • Always Right

    Tyler and Pat.

    Post one photo of either of you in a tube half as heavy as one of these with a 5 mil suit on and I’ll start listening to what you have to say. till then keep it to your self and quit hating on people cuz your jealous you didnt do it. ha

  • randall

    colin SHREDS!!!! glad to see hes getting props he deserves with a sponsorship with hurley and CI surfboards, and spending plenty of time with big name east coast pros instead of hunting squirrels in delaware….. ahhahaah go BUCK!

  • http://google Lawrence L. deBoxtel III

    Great photos Matt, and I know you froze your fingers off taking these shots. Thanks for all of your hard determination and creativity. Have a good one brudda!