Day 1 at Margaret River

Tricky conditions level the playing field at the Drug Aware Pro

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| posted on April 02, 2014
  • Earl Mutorcs

    All the fuss over “Media” access with Joli and the new ASP/ZoSea with all the Joli photos has everyone kissed and made up? Let’s hear that backstory. I sure hope the awesome reporting of Sean Doherty has not been lost with the new overlords. His writing is some of the best in the business so please keep it coming. Since we are already into day 3 and have yet to see anything are we to surmise he is toast? The real story to this new ASP/ZoSea is who is paying for all of this and how will they make it back? Also if Quiksilver would let Kelly Slater go the ASP/ZoSea shouldn’t get too comfortable thinking Quiksilver will be back next year paying for Snapper and France. What’s next Quiksilver saying lates to the Eddie?