Dependable Peaks

Five surfers on the waves that defined their approach

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| posted on March 11, 2013
  • Jimmy the Saint

    Whoever selected the surfers for this article did a good job. Its nice to see the perspectives of Marc, Oscar and Ricky alongside Tanner’s and Mason’s and its good that you got Europe, Africa, South Pacific and Central and North America into such a short article, good work!

  • Center Line

    Great. Longer list please, with surfers of different generations, old and new. Curren at Rincon

  • Jimmy’s Ignorant

    Jimmy, I also liked the diversity of the waves and surfers. But man, get yer geography straight: Mexico is in North America.

  • Jimmy the Saint

    I am ignorant – or was, now I know Mexico is in North America – that may come in handy down the line, maybe at a table quiz or who wants to be a millionare…