Del Caribe

Hunting for waves and fighting for a cause in Panama

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| posted on August 01, 2012
  • Wyatt

    “After many hours in the sea, we spent the afternoon eating with the locals in their beautifully hand-crafted homes, playing with the children and soon thereafter saying our goodbyes” LOLOLOLOL “soon thereafter.” ROFL. “Many hours in the sea” LOL. Way to not sound affected Chris.

    But I do agree, those ramshackle dockside driftwood sheds are “beautifully handcrafted.” In fact, I’ll make sure to tweet that out to my many followers along the Caribbean side of Panama, just so they can be 100% sure you’re a pseudo-poetic, disingenuous d-bag.

  • Karl engstrom

    Kind of hypocritical considering Pat Millin was eating Whale meat burgers in Norway a few months back…

  • Jeff Knox

    Chris and his buddies at Surfers for Cetaceans should be honoring their commitments back here in California and visit the Tijuana River Valley as they promised during the (Non)Transparency voyage. As they well know, he problems facing humans, cetaceans, and other sea life here are astronomical…

  • Obama

    Save the whales!!!!!….While Americans continue to slaughter and eat horses, chickens and pigs by the millions back in America…..

  • Surfers For Cetaceans

    We agree, the meat industry in America needs people fighting to establish animal rights… The Tijuana River needs heaps of attention as well, Jeff as we promised in the Transparentsea mission we would be a voice for whales in Panama, now that this is done we can look into exploring the sloughs, especially with a El Nino year coming down the line. Lastly, all thought Pat Millin loves Norway he has never eaten a whale burger. Aloha S4C

  • Surfers For Cetaceans

    We agree the meat industry needs people that care to fight for animal rights. The Tijuana River needs lots of love and work as well. Jeff, as we promised on the Transparentsea voyage, we would be in Panama as a voice for whales and our oceans, now that this has been accomplished we can look into visiting the sloughs. With El Nino slated this seems like an important year to monitor. Lastly, although Pat Millin loves Norway, he has never eaten a whale burger. Aloha , S4C

  • Darren W.

    SURFER 1: How long have we been standing on this jetty with these signs?
    SURFER 2: Maybe like, 15 minutes or something?
    SURFER 1: Dude, did you get the pic?
    SURFER 3: I think so?
    SURFER 1: Can you see the signs clearly?
    SURFER 3: I think so?
    SURFER 1: Cool. Let’s go check the surf.

  • Justin Martinich

    Cool the unnecessary negativity. A few points:

    1.I was fortunate to find myself in Panama on a trip with my wife at the same time as Chris, Pat, and Chad. We were stoked to accompany them on some of their excusions. They were some of the more interesting, positive, sincere, non-jaded guys we have ever met on a surf trip. And as engaging as they were, they engaged us as well.

    2. Chris’ quotes are indeed poetic, and are an accurate representation of his (and my) experience there.

    3. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

    4. And contrary to your assertion, Chris was probably one of the more genuine people I have met on my travels throughout the world.

    5. This is the first time (and probably my last) I have ever posted something to a surf-y website like this. I typically refrain from silly banter, but your negativity and pessimism warranted my participation.