Cyclone Vania

Kirra Returns in Classic Form

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| posted on January 19, 2011
  • Surf Bedding

    Great shots, just a good wave!

  • tom

    thats not Jay ‘Bottle’ Thompson in the 2nd black and white shot. its that skinny chris ‘ibis’ Bennetts kid from the gold coast. that shot is so sick with the sponges watching him! body boarders shouldnt be out there!

  • Chalkie


    Let’s see more of it!

  • Jocko

    Half those shots aren’t even Kirra. It’s Coolangatta. Kirra is still a long way off from being it’s best. Everytime it breaks now there’s calls of best ever but people have short memories or maybe weren’t even surfing before the Sand Pumping stuffed it up

  • scott mcclelland

    save this photo to my e-mail