Country Western

A huge west swell lights up Pipeline

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| posted on December 22, 2013
  • Sven Hedin

    Surf advocates a true libertine society. Truely, political institutions dictate a state level threshold on our freedom to surf. Hedgemony relegates this: Should seniors be allowed a license to drive – what is the cut off point to their dextrous transgression – man or woman?
    Pipeline on the perfect westerly swell from a asthetic point of view should portray the avante guard – a priviledged retainer – but it doesn’t because they aren’t the real deal. Give us another synopsis from dead reconing, to ride a swell and say, “well that was a good one!” This doesn’t justify the core principles and respect the sport demands. Where were the women?
    Speak Spanish this Christmas for the real reasons those choose to participate in the Democractic electoral processaren’t distinguished as male or female in the new year, rather the rational choice of being at the right place at the right time.
    I found this swell imputable; the spit looked like piss and those photographed are subjects of unlawful detainer, that is the auspices from the ghost of Christmas past. Go fuck yourselves.

  • john

    That looks so cool! That king wave out back is just going to reach havoc umong the lineup, poor bastards! I like a good lefthander, not quite as hectic as pipe, but we go to one place and get a good ride check it out ->