Coldwater Finals

Taj Burrow takes the win over Wilko at The Lane

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| posted on November 06, 2012
  • Sammy Hughes

    “1000’s of fans” ?

  • Dano

    Nice work Taj! Nice MAYHEM too!!

  • Shannon

    Looks like Taj wasn’t riding a Firewire?

  • Rodrigo Mendes

    Why is there always a negative comment on the Brazos.
    Why did you not mentioned that Adriano beat Kelly; no you rather coment that a Brazo failed again to win a Championship. In addition no mentioned That Gaby Medina was one of the most exiting surfers to watch until he lost in the Quarters.
    No you just rather put down the Brazos.
    How about mentioning how porly the American Surfing is now if it was not for Kelly.
    This guy who wrote the article is just like Mike Romney .

  • kyle brown

    hodhigo you sound like a rack ass.

  • muricafuckyeah

    fuck you rodrigo and all brazzos. hopefully u cocksuckers never win a title