Cold Open

A mid-winter swell arrives to an eager audience in California

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| posted on January 18, 2013
  • David moritz

    Why do no forecasts come up when one tries to get some

  • Mike Thomas

    Seriously why don’t you guys just send out an surf alert to our spots and a detailed surf map with directions next time it goes off? Stop naming our spots in north county SD! You know better than that……….

  • Ralphy would go Klatil

    Yeah Mikeyyy!!! No need to name any spots, if you surf there you know where it is. They should just put SD county on the captions. Or even better, create alternative names to deceive people, like when I named J… Escondido one of the million times we surfed it going off by ourselves, like in pic 10

  • Joe D.

    Surfer didn’t print a map, cause every single one of those breaks in North County is right off the pch, and well known to anyone from Nelscott Reef to Salina Cruz. What a goober, you think Cardiff Reef is a secret spot? Lol, just get off at Manchester, go the bottom of the hill, go right, pass the Cardiff Kook, er, I mean Mike Thomas, and cross the tracks, take a left on pch, then paddle out at the river mouth. Oh yeah, the left at Suckouts can get epic, too!! They really dig SUP’s out there…. By the way, great article, Surfer, keep the awesome work coming. I really enjoyed the swell at my local beachie, nice to see howvthe other spots fared.

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  • Dont like

    Ok these advertisments are fokking annoying!!!!!!! Evenry picture a fokking ad!