Carlotta’s Wake

After a devastating hurricane, Puerto Escondido lifeguards begin to rebuild

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| posted on June 28, 2012

  • Ruben Pina

    Hello Todd, The image that is labled Raul Salinas is Roberto Salinas which is image # 7 in the article. Also int he caption in image #15 Roger is not related to Jose and Checko. Well Todd hope all is well and hope you score some deep barrels.
    Hasta Luego Amigo,

  • El Chivo

    Those were some rickety looking lifeguard towers.

  • Kalle Carranza

    This Ñeco I think. His full name I can’t remember, but they call him “Ñeco”.

  • Donna Love

    Hi Todd , we recently changed our URL name on our facebook page for the lifeguard towers from “SalvavidasdePuertoEscondidoAC” to our new facebook name “ZicatelaTowers” because we are a privately funded organization not a government funded organization. We want to make it clear to everybody that we are privately funded and bases in California and we have no government ties or government funds from Oaxaca, Mexico, so that’s why we recently changed our facebook URLname from “SalvavidasdePuertoEscondidoAC” to our new facebook URL name “ZicatelaTowers”.
    This recent change of our facebook URL has broken your provided link to our facebook page and we would like to ask if you could please re-adjust your link to repair the broken link here by adding our new URL as our official link for our private organization to rebuild the Zicatela Lifeguard Towers.

    The Puerto Escondido Lifeguard Service is under the financial authority of the Oaxaca government and they are not allowed to ask for cash donations themselves while under government authority of Oaxaca, Mexico. So we are privately raising the money in California as a private organization, passing the hat to take up a collection from the California surfers. Our goal is to donate the materials and the labor of the construction of the towers and we will be overseeing the construction project ourselves onsite and we are handling our own private financial contracts with the local hardware stores in Oaxaca as private contractors donating the whole construction of the towers as a non monetary gift to the lifeguards. Our gift to the lifeguards to rebuild their towers has to be non monetary gift from our organization in order to avoid any governmental penalties for the lifeguards we are trying to help.

    We would like to get a statement out to Surfer Magazine sometime in the near future of what our plan is and what we are about to undertake on this project of rebuilding all the lifeguard towers that were destroyed. Right now we need to raise enough money to send our International Surfing Ambassador, David Langer, World Class Big Wave Rider, down there to negotiate our contracts with the local hardware stores and meet with the Lifeguard Captain so we can get the the first tower erected as soon as possible. We are in need of $1600 emergency funds to send David down there as soon as possible to get the first tower underway while we are still raising the funds for the rest of the towers. One tower is better than no towers! We can only build one tower at a time at the beginning of this project as we are still in our fundraising process for the whole project. David will be acting as our International Ambassador and will be representing our organization on location in Puerto while over seeing our financial contracts with the local hardware stores in Puerto and onsite construction sites of the towers in Puerto. If Surfer Magazine would like to sponsor us and donate the $1600 to send David down there next week to get started on the first tower that would be awesome!
    You can email me at
    Please make sure you re-adjust the broken link to put our new URL in your provided link.
    Thanks for all your support!
    Donna Love, founder of Hurricane Carlotta Relief Fund to Re-Establish the Zicatela Towers.

  • Donna Love

    We raised enough money for our first emergency need lifeguard tower to go up and today we are starting our second emergency need lifeguard tower campaign fundraiser. There were a total of 8 towers that were destroyed! We still have a lot of money to raise for the rest of the towers. We are only on tower #2. and we are asking the surfing community to come together to help us ALL rebuild the Playa Zicatela Lifeguard Towers ! This is a surfing community based project and we encourage EVERYBODY to make a small contribution to the Puerto Surfers Emergency Fund to get a few emergency need lifeguard towers back up in Puerto! Even $5, $10, $20, it all helps us rebuild the lifeguard towers in Puerto as a surfing community who cares.
    We have perks for our contributors! We are donating our own surfing movies, some cool tee shirts, and custom hand made jewelry items to the new fund raiser for the emergency need lifeguard tower #2 fundraiser as gifts for our contributors who help us raise the money for the second emergency need lifeguard tower to go up!
    For the next two weeks only, David Langer, our International Ambassador for Puerto/California Relations, is donating 100 DVD’s of his epic surfing movie that he directed and produced, “January 10th, The Biggest Day Ever Surfed!” Every $25 contribution for the next 2 weeks gets a free DVD of this epic big wave surfing movie! So please make a $25 contribution and feel good about being part of the team that is rebuilding the Puerto Lifeguard towers and also get a kick ass epic big wave surfing movie with your happy feeling!
    Here’s a write up on the movie we are donating.

    “January 10 is a documentary about the world of big wave riding, featuring an all star cast of elite watermen, and a plot that explores the world they call home. A look into the beginning of this sport reveals a spiritual connection everyone who witnesses can attest to. Giving is the key to surfing, as practiced by the kings and queens of ancient Polynesia. If the kings and queens and the ambassador of surfing, Duke Kahanamoku, saw it fit to share their great sport, it is therefore our duty as surfers to share that legacy, too. So it is only fitting that the great Hawaiian lifeguard, Eddie Aikau be mentioned for his unselfish deeds. In the ceremony that precedes each big wave contest held at Waimea Bay in his name, his spirit shines through. The snowball that this man’s sense of giving sparked can be seen in the evolution of riding these mountains of water. January 10, 2004 marked the day that not just one or two teams of surfers, but at least twenty, two-man teams of dedicated watermen joined forces to ride what previously went un-ridden. A truly unprecedented day in surfing history on many levels. Eddie Aikau would be proud”. Running Time: 42 mins.

    Please make a $25. drop in the bucket for the emergency need lifeguard tower #2 at Puerto at our official campaign site where you can make an online contribution to the Puerto Surfers Emergency Fund here. We are launching this second tower fundraiser campaign today to only run for 2 weeks,so send in those contributions today to get your free DVD of January 10th, The Biggest Day Ever Surfed!

  • Donna Love

    Your “Find out how you can help the Puerto Escondido lifeguards rebuild their towers by clicking “here” link is not working on your site.

    Here is our official link

  • Donna Love, Hurricane Carlotta Relief Fund to Re-Establish the Zicatela Beach Towers

    Just wanted to post an update on the towers. We are happy to report that the first tower went up Thursday, July 19, 2012, and was built by the lifeguards!
    1 lifeguard tower up and 7 more lifeguard towers to go!