Central California from Above

Photographer Chris Burkard gives us a bird's eye view of the Central California coastline.

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| posted on December 01, 2010

All Photos by Chris Burkard.

A special thanks to PCF Aviation for making this gallery possible.

  • Matt O

    Beautiful stuff as always from California’s New Era Photo-genius! Thanks for the views from above.

  • chron

    some of those shots shouldnt be in there…. Someone just got blacklisted from ever driving in

  • Matt O

    Hi chron, maybe Just maybe (hoping against all hope anyways) that those of us who know – Know, AND those that don’t – Don’t. That is my thoughts anyways. BUT I HEAR YOU LOUD N CLEAR. At least the longitude/latitudes were (kinda) kept out.
    Still, thanks Chris for a Majestic View of OUR Golden State!

  • ryan

    Chron, Matt o – Come on. That spot really isn’t THAT good anyways.

  • grom

    Chron, you fool… didn’t it occur to you that everyone is well aware that waves break along the WHOLE length of the coast? Why shouldn’t some of those photos be in there? Cracking job Chris!

  • Ryan

    They shouldn’t be in there because its just not really okay………
    thats all there is to it. EVERYONE knows you don’t just throw up photos of some of those areas, you share them with friends and family but not online features.

    i respect and like the photos and the work and art that went into them, but its a little tasteless and it’s sad to see that everyones gotten to complacent with blatant whoring of very very special places that should remain a bit mythical and under the radar.

    ever see your girlfriend as the centerfold of a playboy? how’d you feel?

  • chron

    Youre right. that spot isnt that good.. It sucks really. Cant hold swell.
    One thing to post a pic from there. But from 4 different spots there. if you include the shot showing 2. And multiple shots of the same points….. The majority of the shots here are from there. I dont care that much. i personally love the shots, and saved them to my computer. It just sucks now with surf forecasting and such, its more crowded than ever out there…. Regardless, guaranteed Chris Burkard name is barred from there. Thats just the way the politics work there

  • eggy.

    Funny that you still decide to save the image to your computer. Even after trying to act like the regulator. I guess now you can appreciate them forever..

  • Solo

    Eggy and groom, you obviously don’t surf at these spots so why would you care anyways? It doesn’t matter how good they get or don’t get, they are not the kind of places that you show pictues of. What would you think if you saw these IN a surf mag?

  • eggy.

    Solo- I dont care, thats the point.. Im Smart enough to realize that if i pick up a Surf mags and look at their website I am supporting them. Web views and reader subscriptions are what the advertisers look at… So how can I complain when everyone else surf spot is in the mag and when mine shows up i throw a pissy fit. Thats how the system works. Its not your call or mine to say where you can show pictures of and where you cant. Its just selfishness and ego that makes people act like that.

  • chron

    regardless of egos or selfishness… Posting photos of that area for the anyone can see, gets your blacklisted from ever being able to drive in there. Period. Thats all there is to it.

  • mo

    So the park rangers at Pismo and the Morro Bay Police are now going to ban Chris? Please, these aren’t secret spots. Those who know, know. Those that don’t are going to figure it out if they desire, but they still won’t have access.

    I guess all of those involved with Google Maps and Google earth are banned as well.

  • Randy Vertrees

    My Old Stompin Grounds….The Most Beautiful Country in the Wprld IMO!

  • Randy Vertrees

    That would be “WORLD…Not WPRLD!!!hehe….i need to go back to school!!

  • bob davis

    These shots are great, some look like spots at the ranch, some clearly morrow bay area. If you are really that pissed off that a professional photographer who was just doing his job took some shots of your supposed local break and posted them, then you are clearly surfing and riding waves for the wrong reason. People that get pissed at other surfers discovering “their” breaks and want to cop attitude are in it for the wrong reasons. Sure we all love riding waves by ourselves or with a buddy at some great spot were we get all the waves we want, but look what that does to you, it turns you into some jaded d**k head that thinks he is some “central coast regulater ripper underground god” but really lets look at the facts. You probably just fill grout for a living or something and there is a good chance that you are nothing special in the water either and are just some bitter dude with nothing better to do that look at the dark side of everything. We should all feel blessed that we get to live near the beach and ride waves for our recreation. Surfing is something that so few people ever really get to connect with in their lives and to hate on another member of our tribe for what he does which is really hurting nobody is just one of the biggest kook manuvers ever, the true definition of a kook is someone that surfs for the wrong reasons and hates on others for embracing the same sport that they so desperatly want to hoard for themselves.

    • pursuitofhappiness

      bob davis is the man- well said, just be stoked we can surf and we all know not just every body can drive in there so you’ll be good for a long time so just chill.

  • rippy

    i’m driving up to central cal right now just to go surf those waves. now that i saw them on the internet i know exactly where they are. sweet! can’t wait to share some waves with you bros.

  • dan

    amazing shots, thanks for sharing. Don’t worry all you ”locals”, i live in sydney so won’t be dropping in anytime soon.

    Totally agree with you bob. You’re all welcome to come and surf in australia any day.


  • joe

    Thank you Bob Davis. So glad that I didn’t have to go to all the trouble of saying that myself.

  • santa barbara ripper

    morro and pismo dont mean anything but the ranch pictures shouldnt be in there simple as that private property keep out…and on a side note the sandspit shot is lame and if you know then you know y…

  • dooshbag

    wow. thanks chris for the amazing shots i had no idea it gets that good north of rincon (ranch). im walking in as we speak see you out in the lineup chron!

  • zeke

    epic photos i love ca i’m going to surf there next summer makes
    me miss the ocean rad pics dude rad pics

  • wyatt

    beatuful just beatuful

  • Jay

    Since when are Ventura spots Central Cal? WE ARE SO CAL, only like 45 mins from LA, is LA now Central Cal?

  • bob davis

    also the first shot in this sequence is clearly Montana De Oro state park in San Luis /Morro Bay Area. The funny thing about this stretch of beach is that it really only gets good on a south or south west less than 4 feet. Any other swell and this place is a mile paddle out and about 5000 duck dives under 10 foot close outs. I would rather surf ocean beach than this place. For anyone that hasnt been here, there is a place called “south jetty” at the north end of this beach that does get really fun, it has waves that rap around a jetty and get really rippable, you can get it alone alot, best way to get there is park at morro rock and paddle across the harbor channel to the other jetty.

  • Anthony Ghiglia

    Nice work Burky! Reminiscent of a flight I took several years ago.

  • Bob Simms

    Don’t u just love entitled arrogant jerks like Chron that actually think they are gatekeepers to the natural resources that all of us surfers enjoy. Maybe if u just learned to surf better crowds wouldn’t be so intimidating too u. The ocean belongs to all of us equally get a grip. This is from someone who has surfed over fifty yrs and saw all the changes crowds, grimmies and the corporate surfing world has impacted the quality of surfing. Peace brother.

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