Bukit Barrels

Grinding left-handers arrive at Padang Padang

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| posted on July 19, 2012
  • calif

    #6 is mag worthy

  • Reality

    “In recent years, high-rise hotels have reared their ugly heads all along Bali’s once pristine Bukit Peninsula.”

    What a naive, hedonistic comment from anyone in the 21st century. Global capitalism is a reality that affects even the Bukit Peninsula.

    Name me one ASP pro or his hanger-on tweeting twit of a girlfriend that is going to want to crap in the hole in the floor the way it was “back in the day.”

  • Jason Childs

    To Reality- Sounds like you haven’t spent too much time in Bali in recent years. I have no problem with progress and clean toilets to shit in, but destruction of the pristine coastline, by cutting down the cliff to fit in more villas and it being an illegial built building is a different deal. I’d like to think most surfers wouldn’t stay in a place like this. Balinese d believe in the good and bad. Karma has a funny way of sorting these things out. They may take the natural beauty f Bali away day by day by the spiritual beauty lives on. JC

  • jabes

    you seemed to miss my specialised trim for the shoulder as fast and as far from the barrel as i could waves! such a sick day tho!

  • Eric

    “New Zealand surfer Bobby Hansen quickly adapts to the foamy tubes of Padang Padang.” Haha yeh because there are no perfect barreling left handers in NZ eh? And our waves don’t leave a foamy trail either…

  • Borbort Keemodunk


  • Whamo

    Wow, that’s such a beautiful wave. No wonder Pete and Gerry and Rory were on it in the 70’s, and Tommy in the 80’s, and everyone else afterwards.