Billabong Pro Day One

Upsets send top seeds to Round Two at Barra da Tijuca

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| posted on May 07, 2014
  • Renato MongaguΓ‘

    The Old Boys couldn`t do anything. No airs to MF, KS, JP, etc

    • dontneednochokebrain

      notice KS in the air, picture #3 or 4 in the slideshow?

      • PhilCheeze

        Who cares?

      • PhilCheeze

        World champ has to surf well in all conditions. My bet is Gabriel Medina is gonna be World Champ this year if he stays healthy. He is surfing the best. John John is starting to come on too. Would like to see those soar it out for the title. It’s far more exciting than watching the old guard surf. KS is still exciting and is the exception but the young guns look like they are ready to take of the ASP now. It’s about time! πŸ™‚

    • Rob

      the old boys like to surf good waves where they’re still the best, but if it’s less than 3ft, then jw, jordy, jjf, kerzy and the brazos become favorites right away

    • Christopher Connolly

      Yeah it’s really too bad….. Kinda like the rest of the Brazilian contingent at a real wave like the Box. They could barely make the drop.

      Brazil is the worst contest of the year. Everyone knows it.

      • nelsonboardriders .

        a takeoff like the box…

      • Felipe

        Racism and Prejudgment are on your language..As if the Box was a perfect fickle..and who cares about ledges!! Anyone surfing that shit at first time will take couple of waves to understand.
        I am sure you live in your little bubble and doesn’t have a clue about what is going on: wait until the young guns get 7..8 years on the tour – you will have to love Brazzos or you will hate the CT. Get used to other cultures.. make an effort to understand them and you might start seeing how good the 18 years Filipe Toledo surfed the Box and surfing for the first time almost nailed JP on the head. This is what really seems to be the problem!

    • GI Joe

      Medina rips Hermo but Kelly is the King you terd worlder

    • Seabass120

      Due to the judging criteria and over-reliance of tricks, the Brazilians have a strong chance of posting up some world champs. Bring back style into the judging criteria and they would have a hard time getting out of the WQS.

      Toledo and Pupo are working on their style and I respect that….Crabby Medina and AiDS just look hideous.

  • john z

    The judging continues to be painfully bad.

  • someguyfromlorne

    Thought this was supposed to be the ‘dream tour’? Mushy gutless beach breaks. It’s the kind of surf where you’d wake up, look at the surf and go ‘aah, CBF’. Surely there are better options in the whole of Brasil than this?

    • nelsonboardriders .

      doesnt look that gutless coming onto super shallow sand unlike the fattys round lorne πŸ˜‰

      • someguyfromlorne

        Yeh well we can’t all be like Gerry Lopez and live at pipeline. And by the way there’s no WCT comp at Lorne πŸ˜‰

  • Sam Smyrl

    Less than stellar locations thus far. Bring back the Lane, if the boys Coldwater!!


    Surf is so exciting in all kind of waves… even in those waves….. guys …please dont be jealous with the Brazzo’s air game….. it’s really too dificult to beat them….

    Chistopher, im not a brazilian loyer, but you r speaking shit, guys like Medina and Pupo are used to get tubed more than you dreamed… did you see that at last Pipe Master?

  • felipe fragoso

    It is crazy that the WCT is running at Postinho…there were overhead smoking waves in few different places and the best surfers having to surf this conditions. There are so many good breaks around Rio and the surfing world has to witness this shit..! who understand?

  • Eric

    Truly one of the worst waves imaginable for a Dream Tour venue. I get that you have to able to perform in all conditions, but there are far better waves in Brazil, and the Country will travel in mass to support. ASP should stop this farce of forcing a tour stop into the Cityscape. It was embarrassing to watch guys struggle like its a QS comp in wind slop, which is how it is most years are at this spot. This level of talent was supposed to avoid QS type surf by elevating to the biggest stage on the CT

    • Monstaronis

      Being back Jbay

      • Seabass120

        Um….Jbay is on the schedule for this year.

    • Monstaronis

      Bring back Jbay

  • JM101

    Everyone should rejoice in the fact that at this wave and in this contest its almost impossible for Porta to fabricate a Fanning/Parkinson win. That’s honestly good enough for me at this point.