Bikinis and Wipeouts

A most masculine gallery

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| posted on May 11, 2011

If you love bikinis and wipeouts, check out our June issue for more sh!t you love.

  • tortellini alfredo

    High class. Transworld’s got nuthin’ on surfer. Your female readership is psyching!!!!!

  • Kristen

    God Bless the sun the surf and the sand!
    What on earth would I do without you??
    Seriously…… Dunno.

  • Chris Cote

    Ha ha!

  • Robin Daniels

    Wherever the photo is… i wanna b there *drole*

  • rob

    CARLSBAD girls mmmmm

  • Robin C. Troquille

    Loooovin it!!!!! Yeah!!!

  • Riley Bauman

    Ha! The photo of Kelly made me howl. Good thing there’s proof. I was starting to think his dad was Neptune and his mom was Aphrodite.

  • Little Rocky

    Kelly.. bet he made it.