Beyond the Border

Northern Baja through the lens of local photographer Damian Davila

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| posted on June 20, 2013
  • Damian Davila

    Thank yuo Surfer Mag!

  • Frank

    Always good to credit who you are copying when posting shots like this fella. What would Greenough (Art Brewer) think young man?.

  • andrea

    san anofre and hunington beach good waves over wkend

  • Ronnie


  • Damian Davila

    im sorry Frank i dont understand your post

  • Chris

    Nice shots! They bring back so many good memories (since 83′) of heading straight to Rosarito, then K-38 for some long rights. Miss it!

  • Damian Davila

    haha thank you Chris! in ’83 i was like 2 years old ! haha i bet back in teh day was even better without all the houses on the beach and the offshore wind blowing straight and stronger!

  • Kyle

    Sick shots! I’m going to baja and staying in Los Gaviotos this summer. That wave is a little mushy though, whats some other good waves that are close by. Thanks.

  • Ossian Farmer

    Awesome shots! I just spent a week in Rosarito and had a great waves and food. Muchos Gracias Baja Norte!

  • Johnny Gonzales

    Damian!!! So stoked for you amigo! Who would have thought years ago on that very beach with the old SD crew you would get your own gallery on SURFER. BTW, What the hell is Frank talking about?!?!

  • Damian Davila

    Kyle all around there Gaviotas is pretty much mushy waves, you can drive north to rosarito or baja malibu if you want fast and stronger waves 😉

  • Damian Davila

    hehe yeaa Johnny! remember those days! haha im still there when ever youo want to come down and shoot here hit me up!!

  • Ivan Cedeno

    When heading to Baja try San Miguel and 3 Marias

  • Franks Dad

    its ridiculous how people like frank are always trying to tear people down. Frank, did art brewer swim out and take the photos, or decide what time of day to do it, or any of the other things this guy used to take such great photos? no. Hats off for financing your dream and making it happen, I miss tacos manuel.

  • Pancho Villa

    It’s been really nice being a Chicano surfer that still goes to Baja without all the gringo’s in the line up. I was there last week and had plenty of surf all to myself. You guys make it sound like we don’t have murders in our cities in the US, at least in Baja they are not shooting up movie theaters, and schools with innocent children. Thank you for staying home gringos.