Beyond the Bay

Massive waves hit Waimea and the outer reefs

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| posted on February 05, 2012
  • Mike


    Where the Guinness Book when you need it? 11 guys on one Waimea wave…7 backsiders! Total record.

  • Mik

    it is uncool to drop in on a 3 ft wave, much less a 15 or 20 ft wave. The chances of being seriously injured by being hit by a full scale Hawaiian gun are out of control in these photos. One more reason to stay out of that arena…. Totally wrong. I’m shocked that it is tolerated.

  • Larkstan

    There’s only room for 1 person on a 3 foot wave. The playing field at Waimea and outer reefs is much larger.

  • Tony

    I surfed places like Waimea and Pipeline in early 1960’s, and the rule then was don’t drop in on anybody’s wave because there were plenty to go around, but at Waimea now, it’s very dangerous to crowd a wave, and especially at Pipeline with such a shallow reef, If you drop in on a wave with other riders there already, you gonna bet your good health the other guy knows what he is doin?

  • beto

    everybody taking the bus

  • pkerr

    Tony… in the early 1960’s.. Pipeline maybe but only 1 to a wave at Waimea? no way. Have you ever seen any of Bruce Browns early stuff? Even in the 50’s you had more than one guy going. Waimea has always been a “party” wave. At least when it’s a manageable size.

  • http://none Ty

    Regarding the photo with the 11 guys at Waimea,that half or more of those guys were probably experienced and knew what they were doing.I don’t think i’d want a guy dropping in on me on that wave no matter how good we both were but he probably made the best of it ,or did he get slammed?Great photos ,though.Keep up the good work.The one of Kealii Mamala is an all time classic !that should seriously be a postcard! no kidding!

  • SteveO

    I’ve been out of the water for a long time but my memory is not that bad. I guess the words “snake” and “shoulder hopper” no longer applies in the lineup. Wow, if that happened when I was surfing in the 80’s and early 90’s in Huntington and Newport their would be consequences for sure. Times they are a changin’

  • Pierre

    Sorry for my ignorance, but why do most of them ride yellow boards? (photo 1)

  • Rick

    That first pic looks like an 8′ day anywhere.

    All the Waimea picks look pretty lame.