Beautiful Monsters

An all-star cast of chargers descend upon flawless Mavericks

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| posted on February 13, 2012
  • David Mathisen

    Awesome! Big up to those in the story and to Jeff Clark for sharing his incredible secret with the world! And to the photographers who captured this photo gallery.

    The analysis of the bathymetry by the late great Sean Collins is a must-see if you haven’t already. It will have you dreaming of blue swirling underwater reefs (or seeing them whenever you close your eyes).

    I think the conventional explanation for the formation of these reefs, which make Mavs possible, may be completely wrong — check out an alternate explanation here:

    Peace and lots of waves —

  • Christina M. Stevens

    Love this photo. “Greg Long, leading the dawn patrol on an all-time day at Mavs.” Todd does great work.

    Drawn surfs are the best, the air and water is very still. Though Mavs is way too heavy for me.

  • Jim Harris

    Fantastic photos!

  • Marco

    I thought Eric Ribiere was a goofyfoot…

  • Liza

    Mother ocean : namaste

  • Laura

    Totally amazing

  • Dan

    How come I can’t download the photo’s anymore?

  • Warren Richardson

    So Mavericks is not very-tide-sensitive if the swell is big enough and the winds are light? I remember that big Wednesday in February there was a deep mid-morning high tide that slowed down most of the Santa Cruz town breaks yet Mavs was still going off…