Balinese Escape

Highlights from the Indonesian training ground

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| posted on March 26, 2012
  • Sean Ghavidel

    I would love to have some good surf like when I used to surf the Atlantic storms that have caused many buisnesses and civilians damages from flooding and errosion of foundations and roads. My old neighborhood is under water and I will not surf with out gear, boats, pollution, and wildlife fences or containment. Many companies refuse to give me secret ingredients so I have to learn alot on my own. I can still do acrobatics and backflips on grassy surfaces and hills. I wish I had 100 billion dollars and alot more to build super surf reef without worries of sharks, spider cows, or pollution.
    Someone ripped me off hard and FBI and CIA did like nothing, cause little evidence. This world should be friends and family not prison guards.
    I hope all righteous wishes and prayers become reality. UTAH USA