Bali Gallery

Photos from a recent run of swell on the Bukit Peninsula

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| posted on May 22, 2011

    So much for the Bukit.

  • Seurge

    I canno’t believe what the fucking destroyers are doing !!!

  • shane

    WTF……now thats just stupid!!!!!!!!!!

  • Bukit Invader

    Let’s just hope Jason doesn’t get blacklisted, and the entire SURFER staff for that matter, because that’s what happens when you start to mess with Tommy Suharto’s business. That’s the reason you haven’t seen these pictures before. Too many resident expats have already been told to keep clear or risk the consequences. Without any global outcry, Bali will quickly be surrendered to corporate greed, and the island we all love will drown in a concrete carapace lathered with golden feces.

  • Rick

    What we fail to consider is that WE are the problem. Less development, less wealth and fewer humans. It’s as simple as that.

    But who wants less wealth?

    And find me a lawmaker who wants fewer humans?

  • Plead the 5th

    Its so sad to see such a beautiful spot destroyed. There are piles of limestone at the base of the cliff encroaching on the reef. They have also been cutting in an ugly stairway that stretches across the whole face. I spent all of last month picking out trash & construction debris out of the reef. The worse part is that they hire Javanese & Sumatrans to come & work; the Balinese don’t even get the benefit of jobs. Feel so bad for the families of the area that have been effected. Greed is a bitch!